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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't Lose Your Head!

With the economy the way it is, more and more families are looking to work from home.  With a job... you can only go so far.  Your income is limited in most cases.  You are working outside the home... putting in time with your commute to and from work... and quite possibly in a job that really isn't satisfying. 

So, why do people do it??  It's simple... BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO!

We all need money to pay the bills, we need a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, food on the table, etc...

Many look for different options.  How can I work from home and make more money AND have more time freedom??

Then the search begins.  In today's world people turn to the internet.  Google is an incredible thing, isn't it?

Have you ever tried googling "work from home"?  "how to make money from home"?  It's amazing what you'll find.  The internet has all the answers, doesn't it?

However, you MUST not lose your head.  Remember your parents saying to you, "If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is."?  Don't forget about your common sense.  Chances are, if you read on the internet that you can make thousands of dollars right away.... it's too good to be true.

Don't fall into the trap of getting really excited before you really know what you are getting excited about.

There are reputable companies out there... but it's up to you to do your research!

Just because a website tells you what they have to offer works, doesn't necessarily mean that it does in fact work.  Just because someone calls you and tells you that you can start earning an income right away, it doesn't mean you actually will.

You may be thinking... ya ya... I know all of this..I am a smart person with a good head on my shoulders.   That may be true... but you would be amazed at the different so-called "work at home opportunities" educated people fall for.

Think about what it is you want from working from home.  A reliable income?  Time freedom?  A proven system that WORKS?  Do you want to cold call people?  Do you want to sell a product or service?  Do you want to partner with a company that has been in business for less than 5 years?....Or, would it make sense to partner with a company that has built credibility?  Do you want a company that is debt-free? 

The list of questions could go on and on... but you get the point.  DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't get sucked into the "look at all you 'could' have".  Go for what you CAN have.

Almost anyone can be successful working from home... IF they have a strong why, strong goals, a work ethic and motivation... and of course THE RIGHT COMPANY.

Cheers to your success!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Passion - Do You Have It? ~ from Monday Morning Motivator

This week some wisdom and motivation from best selling author, Jon Gordon.

The strongest many survive but it is the passionate that will thrive.

In her book SOUP, Nancy, the CEO of Soup Inc, writeds a memo about passion to share with all her employees.  Here's what she said.

If we as a company are going to feed greatness and build a world-class company, then we need to infuse passion into our soup and into each other.  This means that we must be a company that is filled with passionate people.  In the past, you could be lukewarm and medicre and still be successful.  Not anymore.

Now, in today's competitive environment, your passion and your purpose must be greater than your challenges.  To be successful you have to be willing to work harder, learn more, practice longer, lead better, smile more, and love deeper, and this requires passion.

Passion wakes you up 30 minutes earlier.  It dials your phone one more time to make one more sale.  It rallies your team together when times are tough.  It moves you to see one more customer after a long day.  It inspires you to help a struggling collegue.  It provides legendary customer servie.  Passion transforms workplaces, powers champions, and fuels winning teams. 

"What about someone who has a low-paying job or who is in a job that, quite frankly, is hard to be passionate about?"  you might ask.  I've been thinking a lot about this, and it's not the job or the money you are being paid, but rather, it's the passion you bring to your job that matters.  After all, I've met bus drivers who are more passionate about their jobsthan professional athletes making millions of dollars.  I've worked my way up in countless jobs, and I was as passionate about stocking shelves as I am about being CEO of this company.

SUre, I realize that not everyone is going to be passionate about all their daily responsibilities associated with their job.  I'm certainly not passionate about everything I have to do each day.  However, in these cases, you can focus on the one aspect of your job that you are passionate about.  You can be passionate about the organization you work for.  You can be passionate about your team members and helping them improve, grow and succeed.  You can be passionate about your mission and customers.  You can be passionate about making a difference.

To all those in this company who feel they aren't able to express their passion because they are in the wrong position and would rather do something else, at Soup, Inc, I want you to be honest about this.  We will do everything in our power to find a role or position in the company that allows you to use your gifts and stregths to serve our company with passion.

And, if there are no jobs that you are passionate about at Soup, Inc., and you are meant to do something else, that's ok too.  We will do everything we can to help you find another job with another company that allows you to express and live your passion.  This is good for you and your future, and it's also good for us.

Hopping on another bus to live your passion will help you thrive, and it will also make room on our bus for those who are passionate about Soup, Inc. - and with a bus filled with passionate people we, too, will thrive.

How about you?  Are you passionate about what you are doing at work?  Are you living and working with passion?  Is your team passionate?

Have a great week... unless you choose otherwise.  ~~Drago, The Adam Ad Group

How to start working from home??

So you want to work from home... but where the heck do you start??

Looking online you will find a whole lot of so called "work-at-home-opportunities". But WHO can you trust??

The first step of course is to get all the information about what the company does. How long have they been in business? What are their Annual Income Stats? Are they a reputable company? Have they won any awards? Are they in debt?

There are so many questions you need to ask. If you aren't feeling good about it... go with your gut!

I have been working from home with the same company for over 10 years. What we do works. It's simple.

Get all the facts... it's all right there on our website... http://www.JoinCeoMoms.com

You will NOT be disappointed!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Greatness Is a Choice - from Monday Morning Motivator

Greatness Is a Choice
Greatness is a choice, and it's all yours! This week Morning Motivator takes a look at the life of a man who made the choice to be great, Les Brown.

Speaker and author Les Brown still feels the sting of an experience from fifth grade when he and his buddies were clowning around and creating disruption. The incident wasn't the first, and the teacher had had enough. "I remember the look of anger and disgust on her face," Brown says. "She was set on making a statement". To make things worse, the principal referred to the kids as "stupid, dumb and retarded" because of their poor performance. The students ultimately were required to repeat a grade. From then on, Brown was labeled as "educable mentally retarded."

That one experience has fueled Les Brown's drive to succeed. It wasn't until his junior year in high school that he was able to shed the destructive label through the encouragement of a teacher.

Brown never had a class with the teacher, Mr Washington, but he did crash his speech and drama classes. He became such a regular that one day Mr Washington called on him to write something on the board.

When Brown told him he couldn't do what he asked because he was classified as educable mentally retarded, Mr Washington stopped him and said in front of the whole class, "Don't you ever say that again. Someone's opinion of you doesn't have to become your reality."

That was a turning point for Brown. "Although I was humiliated that he said it in fron of the whole class, I was liberated," Brown says. "He looked at me with the eyes of Goethe who said, "Look at a man the way the he is, he only becomes worse. But look at him as if he were what he could be, then he becomes what he should be."

In that one moment, Mr Washington gave Brown a sense of his greater potential. "He gave me the creative thirst for wanting to do more, achieve more, and have more," Brown says. "But, most importantly, he saw through "Greatness is a choice; it's not our destiby." the label that was affixed to my chest, and I finally realized the opinions of others did not matter. What was important was how I perceived myself."

Finally, the possibilities of life were open to the young Brown. From that point on, he continued to grow and stretch himself in every facet in his life.

He became a hip-talking morning DJ, a community activist, a three-term Ohio legislator, a syndicated television personality, and today a renowned professional speaker, author and a leading authority on human potential. He has been the recipient of the Council of Peers Award for Excellence and has been named as one of the world's top five speakers by Toastmasters International.

Establishing a Successful Mindset.
Now a father of nine children, Brown is committed to helping people of all ages see their value and greatness. He says success is a habit you embrace on a daily basis, and the earlier you get into that mindset the sooner you will be able to give birth to possibilities you might not be able to imagine. "In order to do something you've never done, you've got to become someone you've never been."

I think that all of us have graet potential within us, but greatness is a choice, it's not our destiny. And in the pursuit of our dreams we are introduced to trials, failures and disappointments, which take us to the door of discovery and greatness." Brown says most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss. "Most people fail because they aim too low and hit. And many don't aim at all."

Brown's message is equally important to his younger audiences. "It's so important to help our children get a vision of themselves beyond their circumstances and mental conditioning," he says. "I know there are a lot of parents involved with their kids' education, but if you don't affect and impact a child's attitude about themselves, it's a losing battle. And if they don't have a vision of themselves of how they fit in the future, they are going to act like, dress like and conduct themselves like a misfit. Just like I did."

Be Willing to Experiment with Life
If there is one theme Les Brown lives by, it's that anything's possible. "Most people have a tendency to settle early in life, he says. "They stop experimenting, developing, growing, pushing and challenging themselves. And in this global economy, that mindset is no longer an option. We have to begin to understand that we must expand or we are expendable."

Life sometimes throws us curveballs, but Brown says these occasions provide opportunities. "Had I not lost my job in broadcasting as a disc jockey, I would have never run for the Ohio Legislature. I would have never pursued that goal and dream of becoming a talk show host. I would have never seen myself as an individual who could make a difference in the community.

My advice to all is to shoot for the moon, because even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

This is amazing!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Something We All Need
Encouragement changes everything, as you encourage others, you encourage yourself.

I was sent this from Monday Motivation.... This week we share a message from John Maxwell about what an important tool encouragement is and how we can use it to truly influence the lives of those around us.

Several times in my life, I have wanted to stop, but words or deeds of encouragement have kept my going.  George Adams said, "There are high spots in all of our lives, and most of them have come about through encouragement from someone else."

Years ago, an experiement was conducted to measure people's capacity to endure pain.  The test was to see how long a barefooted person could stand in a bucket of ice water.  It was discovered that when there was someone else present offering encouragement and support, the person standing in the ice water could tolerate pain twice as when no one when was present.  Again, encouragement keeps us going, no matter the adversity that faces us.

Encouragement Makes People Better
To further illustrate the power of encouragement, I would like to share with you an experiment performed some time ago in the San Francisco school system.  A principal in the district called in three teachers and told them that, because of their expertise, they were considered the finest teachers in the system.  He also told them they would be given 90 high-IQ students who would be allowed to learn at their own pace to see how far they could advance.

At the end of the year, these students achieved 20 to 30 percent more than other students in the entire San Francisco Bay area.  The principal called the three teachers in and told them he had a confession to make.  He told them they didn't have 90 of the most intellectually gifted students.  In fact, academically, they were run-of-the-mill, average students picked at ramdom.  The teachers concluded their exceptional teaching skills must have been responsible for the students' great progess.  But the principal had another confession to divulge.  These teachers were the first three names grawn out of a hat.

Why, then, did these students and teachers perform at such an exceptional level for the entire year?  They were encouraged to believe that they could.  Psychologists say that, deep down, all people have certain desires in common.  If you want to encourage people, help them fulfill these most basic, heartfelt desires.

People want to:
  • do the right thing.... Stand with them
  • find better ways of doing things...Empower them
  • achieve things they can be proud of....Motivate them
  • belong to a group that achieves the extraordinary...Invite them
  • earn recognition for who they are and what they achieve....Honor them
Encouragement Turns Lives Around.  Encouragement is deciding to make your problem my problem.

I would like to share with you a wonderful story I read in A 2nd Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul.  The author of the story, Dan Clark, recalls when, as a teenager, he and his father stood in line to buy tickets for the circus.  As they waited, they noticed a family immediately in front of them.  The parents were holding hands and had eight children in tow, all under the age of 12.  Baswed on their clean, but simple clothing, Clark suspected they didn't have a lot of money.  The kids chattered about the exciting things they were expecting to see, and he could tell the circus was going to be a new adventure for them.

As the couple approached the counter, the attendant quoted the price for the entire family.  The woman let go of her husband's ahnd, and her head dropped.  The man leaned a little closer and asked, "How much did you say?"  The attendant again quoted the price, the man obviously didn't have enough money.  He looked crushed Clark says that his father, who was watching all of this play out, put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a $20 bill and dropped it on the ground.  His father then reached down, picked up the bill, tapped the man on the shoulder and said, "Excuse me, sir, this fell out of your pocket."  The man knew exactly what was goin gon, and he looked straight into Clark's father's eyes, took his hand, shook it and, with tears streaming down his cheeks, replied, "Thank you, thank you, sir.  This really means a lot to me and my family."

Clark and his father went back to the car and drove home.  They didn't have enough money to go to the circus that night.  But it didn't matter.  It encouraged the whole family.  And it was something neither family would ever forget.

Encouragement Gives Hope
My wife, Margaret, and I love to visit presidential libraries and museums.  While most people are in and out, we take our time.  I usually take a notebook and will come out with anywhere from six to a dozen lessons on leadership.

At the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC, they had some of the personal articles Abraham Lincoln had with him the night he was assassinated at the Ford Theatre on display.  Among those listed, there was a Confederate $5 bill worn-out newspaper article that extolled Lincoln's accomplishments as president.  The article starts out, "Abe Lincoln is one of the greatest statesmen of all time."

Isn't it interesting that the president of the United States, the most powerful man in the free world, woudl be walking around with a worn-out newspaper clipping in his pocket from somebody who was giving him praise?  If you are a student of Lincoln, it makes sense.  He was never really appreciated until after his death.  But here he is, hanging on to one man's opinion saying he was doing a good job.

Everybody Needs Somebody
None of us achieve anything without the help of somebody else.  In fact, some of the greatest discoveries and achievements in history happened because these people were encouraged bu others.  Authors CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien maintained a close friendship throughout their careers, sharing their love of mythical stories and a desire to create those stories for the public.  It was Tolkien who lef Lewis to Christianity, and it was Lewis who encouraged Tolkien to keep writing fiction.  It is said the literary world would have neither The Chronicles of Narnia nor The Lord of the Rings if not for the friendship between these two men.

One of the great things about encouragement is that you don't have to be brilliant to encourage people, you just have to have a heart for other people.  Find ways to encourage others.  Put your arm around them, and tell them how much you appreciate them.  You never know if that one good act of kindness is exactly what they need.  As you encourage others, you encourage yourself.

When giving encouragement, be sure it's earned.  And remember to keep it sincere, honest, appropriate, meaningful, balanced and specific.  Think of someone who has been an encouragement to you.  Follow their example and pay it forward to someone you know.  Don't hesitate, do it today and make a difference in someone's life. 

Have a great week unless you choose otherwise.