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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Success or Failure - Which Do YOU Choose?

There are so many reasons why some people just don't see the success they are looking for when working from home.

The first key to success is finding the right company.

  • Company track record
  • Consistent growth
  • Been in business longer than 10 years
  • Debt-free company
  • Annual Income Statistics in print and available to everyone
  • High retention rate (published by company)
  • Company has won many awards
  • Does the company offer products/services that REAL people ALREADY need, use, run out of and HAVE to repurchase??
Once you have found the right company... Are YOU willing to take ownership for YOUR business?

If you are going to sit there and wait for something to happen, guess what?  NOTHING will happen!

  • Be accountable!
  • SHOW UP!
  • If there are team calls.... BE THERE!
  • Do the work!  Anything worthwhile is going to take some work... nothing happens on it's on.
  • Don't make excuses!  You can either have a successful business, or make excuses as to why it isn't working
  • Do NOT give up!  Think about this... if Albert Einstein gave up, if Wayne Gretzky gave up, if Terry Fox gave up... I could go on... but you get the point.
  • Do not jump from business to business... that will follow you and it WILL eventually destroy your credibility.
  • Be honest - the truth is enough.  If you need to use hype and gimmicks to lure people - maybe you ought to give up now rather than hurting people.
  • Under-promise and Over-deliver!
  • Keep moving... do not stop... do something every day...
Don't be afraid to ask questions.  You WILL find the right company and you WILL see success.... if YOU choose to!

Monday, November 14, 2011

How Professional Are YOU?

How professional are YOU?

So many of us today are using Social Media as a form of advertising our businesses.  However, we are also using these same forms of Social Media for personal connections.

Is there a way to be able to mix business and personal lives online?

Think about it... you see someone who is marketing their business online... then you see a post that says something like "Wow did I ever get drunk last nite... good times!"  " To the biatches who think they can steal my man... back off!" " My baby daddy is a deadbeat." "I got my xmas lites up n we rady to parti"

You get my point.  Sure, we want to come across as real people, as human - but there is a way to do this without sounding uneducated.
Some people may think I am being too picky here, and that's ok.  Maybe I am simply being a snob.  I feel if you are building an online business, you need to represent yourself that way.  You want to be a leader.

There are several authors and motivational speakers whom I "like" on Facebook.  Would I ever see them post something like the above examples?  Absolutely not.  If they did post anything like that, I would likely think twice about regarding them as leaders.

There is a way to balance your personal life and your business life.  You want to be real of course... but if you are befriending prospective customers online, it's incredibly important to be professional.  If you can't be professional, it may be in your best interest to have 2 separate Facebook accounts.  One for business and one for your personal life.

Next time you're going to post a status online... ask yourself this... If I saw this post... would I look at the author in a professional manner?  Would I want to work with this person?  Is this someone I want to follow?

We don't all have to have the best grammar skills... but we can sure give it a try to sound like we know the English language.  I've seen posts from people who aren't even in North America that have better grammar than some who have lived in North America all their lives.  I don't say that to be negative or to put anyone down.  Just being real.  Isn't that a trait of a good leader? 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Take The First Step!!!

Does the Internet Scare You?

When I first starting working from home 11 years ago it was extremely different than it is today.  The internet wasn't anything like it is now.  Advertising a business was simple.  You could go to a few sites, post an ad and BAM you would have people requesting information about what you do.

Things have seriously changed!  It can be a scary place for someone trying to build a business via the internet.
Over the years, more and more businesses took to the internet... more and more businesses were created... It amazes me how many businesses have come and gone over the past 11 years.

For me... I am still here... with the same company and the same team. 

Sure, we do things differently now... but that's a GREAT thing.  We must keep up with the times.  The internet changes daily.  The question is... HOW DO WE KEEP UP??

We see the ads everywhere.  People advertising their services to teach you how to generate more contacts.  How to advertise online.. some even offer to do the advertising for you.  But none of this comes without a cost.  Will it actually get you further ahead?  Or are these people just looking for ways to tap into a market, to make some money saying they will educate you... they will help you... they will mentor you... guide you...etc...?? 

When you are looking for a recipe, where do you turn?  What about to read a movie review?  To research a product?  To find a store?  To find solutions to a health problem?  We all turn to the internet.  Again, how times have changed.  How much does it cost you to do this research?  It costs nothing.  So then, does it not make sense that if you search hard enough you will find all types of information for free?  Why then are people charging such astronomical amounts of money to teach you how to build a business online?  Oh, right, because the internet has changed.

Finding contacts and building an online business takes work.  Being successful in your business takes time amd work.  There is no such thing as "get rich quick".

Social Marketing can seem extremely overwhelming.  I personally think one of the biggest problems is people are afraid.  People are looking for a list of steps on exactly what to do and how to do it.  Guess what?  There is no list.  There are no secrets.  Stop thinking about it so much... and just do it.  You don't need to pay some so-called expert to teach you... you need YOU.

What is your target market?  What types of people are you looking for?  Go to where these people are... google, google, google.  Network with people.  Always remember ~~~ No one cares how much you know till they know how much you care!

If you are jumping from business to business... people will not look at you as someone with integrity.  It tells people you don't really believe in what you're doing.  You are simply looking to make money.  And, you might actually make some money... but it WILL NOT LAST.

To be successful:
  1. Find a company you can truly believe in. (this includes believing in the product or service they provide as well as understanding and believing in the compensation plan)
  2. Go through the training provided by your company/team/mentor (this should NOT cost you extra money)
  3. Use your mentor... they got you started... now use them to really get you moving.  Do NOT wait for them to call you --- Be the squeeky wheel!  Call them, email them....Show them you are serious!
  4. Attend every training call that your team provides.  By showing up, it tells your mentor that you are someone who is SERIOUS!
  5. Set time aside to build your business.  This can be tough with young kids at home, or working around a job... but it CAN be done!  30 minutes here, 30 minutes there... etc... 
  6. Be willing to make sacrifices.  I am talking unproductive things that take up your time... TV for example... how many evenings do you spend sitting in front of that box?  How much money does that generate for you?
  7. Make your family part of your goal setting.  If they understand why you are doing what you're doing, they will be your biggest cheerleaders!!
  8. Have a thick skin!  Not everyone you talk to will be as excited about your business as you are.  If they aren't, who cares... MOVE ON!
  9. Take ownership.  This is YOUR business.  Do not sit there and wait for someone to do it for you.  It's up to you to make this happen.  
  10. HAVE FUN!  If you aren't passionate about what you're doing.. it will be transparent. 
Remember... anyone can be successful with the RIGHT business for them.  It's amazing how people transform with passion, integrity, and having belief.

Working from home doesn't have to be intimidating... it can be whatever you choose it to be!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Are You Still Shopping The Traditional Way?

We all do it... head off to our local stores to shop.  It's what the stores are for, right?

However, we do have many options now!
We are all looking for ways to save money.  It's easier than you think.  What saves money... to go to the store "the middle man" or buy direct from the manufacturer?? 

Of course with shopping at a store there area a lot of overhead costs... the building, the inventory, the employees, etc...  Then of course most stores have shareholders... There are a lot of hidden costs in going out to shop at the store. 

Have you ever looked at the mark-up of products??  It's ludicrous.  It just makes sense to buy direct from a manufacturer. 

Now let's look at how stores and manufacturers market their products.  TV commercials, magazine ads, billboards, flyers, in-store displays, etc... Who pays for that?  Well, again, it's all compensated in the price of the product you're buying at the store.  So how does a store like Wal-Mart sell products so cheap?

Cheap being the opperative word here.  CHEAP.  A few years ago Wal-Mart would only continue to carry manufacturers laundry products if they were at least 2x concentrated.  So what happened?  In order to make the product cheaper and go further they added more fillers and more water.  Most manufacturers want their products available in stores like Wal-Mart... in order to do that....they must make their products as less expensive as they can.

What does that mean for the consumer?  It means you don't really know what you are getting.  Scary. 

When parents get pregnant for the first time, lives change.  We become more concerned about safety.  We look for the safest cribs, car seats, strollers, etc... But do we think twice about the cleaning products, laundry products or shampoos, baby wash, etc....?  The commercial says it's safe... so it must be, right? 

We're taught at a very young age to not believe everything we hear.  So, why do we believe that these large manufacturers are indeed producing safe products? 

We're smarter than that, aren't we??

I encourage you to do your own research.

We have safer alternatives available... I have been helping others learn about the toxins in their homes for the past 11 years... what an incredible feeling to have enhanced so many families lives. 

If you or a loved one suffers with asthma, allergies, eczema, ADD, ADHD, joint pain, depression, an auto-immune disorder... what you may not know may actually be hurting you. 

Schedule your free information webcast today.  Simply click on this link and fill out the form.  I am the only person who will receive your information.  Be sure to include the best days and times to reach you.

To Your Health!

Monday, July 11, 2011

How much does it cost YOU to work outside the home??

Over the weekend I was at my son's baseball tournament.  It was out of town... took us just over an hour to drive there.  With gas prices what they are, it was hard paying that money to fill up my car... just makes me shake my head.

While at the tournament, I heard other parents talking about the gas prices.  I was absolutely shocked to hear how much people spend on fuel alone each week.

I have been working from home for 10 years... so apparently I am way out of the loop.  One of the mom's pays $140 per week... FOR FUEL!  Are you serious??  That's $560 per month!  THAT IS $6720 per year!!!! 

That doesn't even touch daycare costs.   From what I am learning, it costs $30-$50 per day to have a child in daycare.  That is $150-$250 per week for 1 child.  $600-$1000 per month.

I have been so fortunate to have worked from home the past 10 years.  I look at how much money I have saved.  I commuted 40 kms to get to my job...80 kms per day... Let's say I filled my car up once per week... I am looking at about $3000 per year just to drive back and forth to work.  Now, add that I have 2 children... let's say my daycare costs were approximately $8400 per year... that would mean over the past 10 years, I have saved $114,000 by working from home. 

So it brings me to a question... why would anyone in their right mind want to work for someone else and pay ludicrous amounts of money to simply have that job?  

Some people will ask me... why does it cost money to work from home?  Well, it's simple.  You are starting your own business.  Think about the traditional businesses you could start... it will cost you literally thousands and thousands of dollars.  I paid $29. 

How much does it cost you to keep a job outside the home??  Bet I pay less...lol

To learn more... go through my information video.  Learn if you have what it takes to work from home successfully.

Cheers to working from home and saving money!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Where Have All The Minerals Gone?

Minerals: vanishing without a trace. 

Trace minerals are minerals critical to both plant and animal health but are found in only very small amounts, even in virgin, uncultivated soil.  Though in small quantities, their importance is essential to life.

A Worldwide Problem
In 1992, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development made public a report that had evaluated the average mineral content of the world's farm and rangeland soil.  Over the course of just 100 years, the mineral content had decreased dramatically on every continent.

Mineral Depletion from Soil During 1892-1992:
North America............. 85%
South America..............76%

The especially startling number associated with North America can be largely attributed to long-term reliance on synthetic fertilizers and emphasis on industrialized "maximum yield" mass farming methods.

A Devastating Impact on the Food We Eat...
1940 vs. 1991
Reduction in average mineral content of fruits and vegetables between 1940 and 1991.

Mineral                       Vegetables                       Fruits

Sodium                          -49%                             -29%
Potassium                      -16%                             -19%
Magnesium                    -24%                             -16%
Calcium                         -46%                             -16%
Iron                               -27%                             -24%
Copper                         -76%                             -20%
Zinc                              -59%                             -27%

Fruits and vegetables pull minerals directly from the soil, so if there are fewer minerals in the food.  As a result, many of the fruits and vegetables we eat today have lower levels of key micronutrients than those enjoyed by our parents and grandparents.  The table above summarizes the reductions in the average mineral content of 27 vegetables and 17 fruits between 1940 and 1991 in the U.S. and U.K., as originally published in the Journal of Complementary Medicine.

Sure, we all have the option of taking a daily supplement to make up for the minerals we no longer get from our foods.  But, there is also a problem with this solution.  What exactly is in your vitamin and mineral supplements?  Is your body absorbing them?  How is your body absorbing them?  Could your vitamin and mineral supplement actually be harming your health? 

We are such a trusting society when it comes to manufacturers.  Why is that?  We are so skeptical with most things... so why do we put all our faith in a company that produces a tablet that says, "take this to feel healthier"??  Think about it.  Do your research. 

I have information that may just shock you.

Email me... wellnessmommy@gmail.com to find out more.