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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

That Amazing Tea Tree Oil!

That Amazing Tea Tree Oil!  by Karen MacKenzie

When I initially hear about Tea Tree oil, I could not believe it.  It was too good to be true.  Why had we not heard about it before?  The truth is we had, but then we had chosen to ignore it!

I have traced Tea Tree oil back to its roots in Aboriginal Australia, through its popularity during the Second World War, right up to the present day world-wide acclaim.  I have read the research papers, used it for first aid applications, treated my pets, and even cleaned many household accessories and furnishings with it.

I am constantly amazed by its versatility and effectiveness.  I would never have believed that an essential oil from one plant could lend itself so successfully to so many different applications.  No one bu God, through nature, could have created such a valuable broad-spectrum substance, and that is the beauty of Tea Tree oil - it is totally natural.

I wrote this in  an effort to bring Tea Tree oil to your attention, so you, like I, could read about its history, study the research work, utilize its many properties, and make up your own mind about nature's potent gift.  After all, Tea Tree oil was created for each and every one of us. 

Every week we see the same headlines in the newspapers, "Head Lice Shampoo Cancer Scare"... "The Age of the Superbug is Here"... "Treatment Damages Skin Cells"... and so on. 

We are now just beginning to wake up to the fact that the synthetic chemical cocktails we encounter during the course of a lifetime - hairsprays, cosmetics, deodorants, polishes, detergents, toothpastes, perfumes, aftershaves, first aid treatments, medicines, air fresheners, etc. - are systematically weakening our bodies.  It is undeniable that our health is beginning to suffer.  Where will it all end?

Germs, bacteria, and other parasites are evolving to beat their chemical killers.  The "superbugs", including MRSA (Golden staph), thrive.  Mystery illnesses are on the increase. Do we then try to make stronger chemicals?  You bet we do!  

Are we not forgetting one simple, fundamental fact?  Bacteria is a basic, one-celled form of life, and these chemicals are harmful to all life - including our own!  When we use harsh chemicals against bacteria we can also unbalance and even destroy our own body cells, too.

I am not denying that synthetic medicine was, and is, a great gift.  But it is its indiscriminate use, in addition to all other synthetics and chemicals, that is causing the problme.  Over fifty years ago society started to turn its back on nature, and the chemical industry took center stage.  We seemed to forget that we were part of nature and that to turn against it, we would be turning against ourselves.  It is only now that we are beginning to pay the price. 

Now, wouldn't it be marvelous if we could find a safe, non-toxic, non-irritating substance that would play a role in replacing many of the strong chemicals in our cupboards?  Well, we have!

Here is a product that is made by nature, for nature.  It is a completely natural, topical, clinically proven anti-bacterial and anti-fungal substance.  It has anti-inflammatory, immune system strenghthening, pain killing, and wound healing qualities.  It also exhibits anti-viral, expectorant, and balsamic characteristics.  

All this, and it can be used as a powerful antiseptic, parasiticide and insecticide.  AND it's also kind to our skin cells.  The pure Tea Tree oil of the Melaleuca Alternifolia, works with the body, not against it.  Research shows it has rapid results against the new "20th Century Superbugs" including MRSA.  

I still find it ironic that if man made such a synthetic substance and had spent millions of dollars on the development program, it would have been hailed as the wonder of the century.  Everyone would have known about it, and everyone would be utilizing its many properties.  But because Tea Tree oil is found in nature, it is viewed with suspicion. 

The sooner we all once again wholeheartedly embrace a more natural approach in both medicine and in industry, the sooner we will begin to stem the tide of the so called "superbugs" and "mystery illnesses."  

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