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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'll do it tomorrow....

U.S. Thanksgiving is coming...Winter is coming...Christmas is coming... A New Year is coming... Easter is coming...

There is ALWAYS something coming.

Notice many of us tend to live in the future? Sure, it's good to have a plan, to have goals, knowing where we want to go. But what about the present? Today?

We are a society who tends to make excuses. Procrastinate. I'll do it tomorrow. Does tomorrow ever really come? If we can put it off till tomorrow, why not? Because it never gets done.

Working from home is amazing. There is nothing better than to get a monthly paycheck and yet never have to leave my house. But, there are downfalls with that too. You don't have a boss... there isn't anyone telling you what to do. It's up to you. Will you actually do it... or will you put it off to tomorrow.

Over the past 10 years of working from home, I have spoken with so many people who have requested information from my website. It amazes me how many are looking for an "easy way out"... and easy way to make money. I am not saying everyone is like that, because certainly not everyone is. But, we always get those who are shocked that we want to spend the time to explain in detail about our business. I'll be asked "how long is this going to take?"... or..."So what exactly will I be doing, in a nutshell". We have always taken our time explaining... in FULL detail. Doesn't that make sense? Why wouldn't everyone want to learn as much as they possibly can in order to make an EDUCATED decision??

There is so much garbage on the Internet today. Practically every website you go to there is an ad somewhere for a so called "business opportunity". You must research. You must get all the details. You must ask questions. Know what you're getting in to. You can't make a decision based on a 10 minute conversation... or an email trying to explain everything.

It never ceases to amaze me that people will take the time to request information about my business... but then don't want to take the time to learn about what we do. Now isn't a good time... or they just never respond to calls or emails. Again, not everyone does this. But my question is... What are you waiting for?? You requested information for a reason.

What are you looking for? An extra $300 per month? $1000 per month? $5000 per month?

This IS achievable.

What we do works. Take the time ~~ Change your life!

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