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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Success or Failure - Which Do YOU Choose?

There are so many reasons why some people just don't see the success they are looking for when working from home.

The first key to success is finding the right company.

  • Company track record
  • Consistent growth
  • Been in business longer than 10 years
  • Debt-free company
  • Annual Income Statistics in print and available to everyone
  • High retention rate (published by company)
  • Company has won many awards
  • Does the company offer products/services that REAL people ALREADY need, use, run out of and HAVE to repurchase??
Once you have found the right company... Are YOU willing to take ownership for YOUR business?

If you are going to sit there and wait for something to happen, guess what?  NOTHING will happen!

  • Be accountable!
  • SHOW UP!
  • If there are team calls.... BE THERE!
  • Do the work!  Anything worthwhile is going to take some work... nothing happens on it's on.
  • Don't make excuses!  You can either have a successful business, or make excuses as to why it isn't working
  • Do NOT give up!  Think about this... if Albert Einstein gave up, if Wayne Gretzky gave up, if Terry Fox gave up... I could go on... but you get the point.
  • Do not jump from business to business... that will follow you and it WILL eventually destroy your credibility.
  • Be honest - the truth is enough.  If you need to use hype and gimmicks to lure people - maybe you ought to give up now rather than hurting people.
  • Under-promise and Over-deliver!
  • Keep moving... do not stop... do something every day...
Don't be afraid to ask questions.  You WILL find the right company and you WILL see success.... if YOU choose to!

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