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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Halloween is coming!  We finally got around to carving our pumpkins tonight!  What a process that is...lol!  The 13 year old with a knife... well ok... but the 7 year old???  AHHHH!  Mr. Independence himself was convinced he could do it on his own.  No way!  I was envisioning a trip to the emergency department.  NOT something I want to do!
Thankfully dad convinced the boy that he needed help!  Phew!  
After dad took over with the knife, the boy got bored.... grabbed the camera and just started taking shots.  What am interesting sight it is to watch a 7 year old wander about with the camera...lol!  It ought to be interesting when I upload these photos!
Now the kids are extremely excited... 2 more sleeps till Halloween!  Their costumes are ready... all laid out.  
I love watching how excited kids get over holidays!
As soon as Halloween is over, all the stores will make the miraculous overnight transition to CHRISTMAS!
Isn't it always amazing be in a store all decorated with Halloween October 31st, then November 1st all the Christmas decorations are out?  How does that happen exactly?!
2 months to go!  Christmas!  Then, before we know it... a brand new year!  WOW!

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