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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thank Goodness I Work From Home!

Working from home is such a GREAT thing!

Very odd things can happen.  Take this morning for example.  It's a beautiful day, I am making a call from the deck.  Sitting up there enjoying the sunshine!  Yes... SUNSHINE!  The rain has stopped... for now anyway!  

I am looking out at the river as I sit enjoying the sunshine, talking on the phone and drinking my tea.  I all of a sudden hear tree branches cracking... almost like a dog is walking through the forest.  I walk over to the deck railing to see a guy walking along my embankment.  Where did he come from?  Where is he going?  This isn't public access.  There aren't any paths down the river... none that are public anyway!

I call out to ask if I can help him.  He is shocked.  He says he's just trying to find a way out.  Huh.  But how did he get down there??  He wouldn't answer my question.  Instead, he turned and ran up the side of my embankment, through my front yard and disappeared.

So, if I hadn't been home... what would have happened?  Maybe innocent... many not.

Each day, there is always a reason to be so thankful that I work from home!!!

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  1. oh my gosh thats kinda scary!!!!!!!!!!!!

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