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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I can't be successful....or can I??

What type of person is successful working from home?  If you google this, some of the tips are quite comical.

One says that you shouldn't have any distractions... you need an office space... to decorate it to make it a "happy place" for you... if you have kids to get a babysitter... if you have pets to put them in another room... basically get rid of anything that could distract you.

Hmmmm... Sure, decorating your office space to make it soothing to you and make you want to be there... yes... great idea.

But get a babysitter for your kids?  Really?  So what exactly would the point be to work from home to be with your kids, but ship them off to a babysitter?? 

Chances are, if you find the RIGHT company to partner up with and you love what you do... you will WANT your kids right there with you.  You will be partnering up with other moms who also have their kids right there with them.

For me, when I started working from home I had a 3 month old and a 5 year old.  The reason WHY I wanted to work from home was TO BE WITH MY KIDS.

If you are making calls from home... which you probably are if you're working from home... does it not validate you as a REAL mom if your kids are there with you?

Of course you don't want to neglect your kids... but there are ways to be successful with your kids right by your side.

For anyone to be successful, there are key contributors... find the right company... do your due diligence... research, research, research.  You must believe in the company and what they represent.  You must have some drive.  You must have a vision to be in a better place.  You must have a reason WHY you are working from home.

You don't have a "boss" telling you what to do... that can be a detriment to some people.  It's easy to get distracted with things that aren't going to help you be successful with your business.  At the end of the day, ask yourself this: "if everyone in my business did what I did today, where will my business be tomorrow?".  If you're doing nothing, guess what?  You're business isn't going to move forward.

I have heard some moms saying that it's just too hard to make a success from a business with their kids at home.  It's only as hard as you make it.  When my boys were little, I involved them in my business.  Sure, some days were trying... but we survived!  I made them part of my goals.  They understood that mom was at home with them all the time... but mom was also working sometimes... either I worked at home where they could see me and have me all the time... or I would have to go outside the home to work.  They learned from an early age that even though mom might be on the phone... I was still there with them.

Fast forward to today... my boys are 14 and 9.  Yes, my boys fight.  They are boys...lol  But, they also know (I think) how fortunate they've been to have mom at home all the time.  They know nothing else... I've always been home.  My oldest could probably do my business better than I can... he's listened to me for so many years!  That would likely go for my little one as well.

Saying that you can't be successful because your kids are with you is a cop-out.  It's an excuse.  There are ways to work around your family.  My business isn't my life, but it's given me a life.

If you seriously want to be successful, stop making excuses.  I heard a great quote several years ago... You can either make money, or you can make excuses... you can't make both.

So, what will today bring for you?  Excuses.... or success?

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  1. Love it Nicole... Great thoughts.. :) Thanks for sharing