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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why does it cost money to start working from home?

Are you looking for a JOB or a BUSINESS?

If you are someone who is looking online for a way to earn an income from home, know that almost everything you will find is a BUSINESS that you will be starting up.  There aren't "jobs" online where you can sit at home and get paid by the hour.  In order to find an online "job", you need to be hired by someone local who is looking to outsource.... hard to find!

Some people ask, "Why does it cost money to start working from home?"

Well, the answer is simple.  You are starting a business.  It just happens to be an online business. 

Let's say you were going to open a restaurant.  Would there be a start-up cost?  Yep... and it would be an INSANE amount of money!

When looking online to work from home... ASK QUESTIONS!!!  If you are told it will cost you money to simply get the information----RUN AWAY!!!

I have heard recently, more and more stories of people being asked to pay thousands of dollars to start working from home.  This is ludicrous!  What are you getting for those thousands of dollars??  Even hundreds of dollars doesn't make sense to me.

Stop and ask... is the product or service this company offers something that real people ALREADY need?  Do people already go out looking for these types of products or service?  Is this something people will need to repurchase again and again??

There are soooo many businesses out there today.  It scares me when I see people advertising their glamour and "get-rich-quick".  Seriously people, the only way you are going to get rich overnight is by winning a lottery, or you lose a loved one and they leave you a large inheritance. 

Working from home takes work.  It doesn't have to be hard... but it takes time to build.  How much time?  Well, that depends on you.  How willing are you to get things off the ground?  Are you coachable?  Are you open to listening to your mentors?  Do you have motivation? 

When I hear of people quitting their outside the home jobs to start working from home... that also alarms me.  I would never advocate someone quit their job...NOT until you have replaced your income.  Don't get burned.  Do your due diligence first.

Look at income stats, look at growth charts... where is this company going??  What does their history look like?  If the company has started within the past few years... hmmmmm... is that going to be stable?

Like in one of my previous articles... don't lose your head. 

When people look at my company, the are impressed.  The start-up cost is so minimal and is guaranteed.  No one gets hurt.  I have been here, with the same company for over 10 years.  I don't jump ship to other companies.  I don't have more than one business on the go.  This is it.  It works.  We can stand tall and stand proud knowing we are representing a company with such incredible ethics.  How many can say that? 

Are you looking to earn money for a lunchtime or a LIFETIME?  Choice is yours.


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