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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This past weekend I attended a business training meeting.  I have been working from home with the same company for 11 years now, so have been to many meetings.  Not once has it felt like "hype".  The meetings are business meetings.  Corporate shares the numbers... where we are at as a whole.  They share our retention rate, the reorder rate, the income stats, the profit margins, etc....

In the same hotel... in the next room over actually... there was another company who were also having a "business meeting".  I put that in quotations as calling it that, in my opinion, would be a joke.  Never have I witnessed anything with so much.... I'm not even sure what to call it.... ridiculousness??  There, maybe that's a good word for it.

They had extremely loud music blaring while they were setting up and their people were arriving.... keep in mind... our meeting was in the next room... the walls are far from sound proof.  The coordinator of the hotel approached us several times to apologize.  He said they had booked a conference room in the hotel a month prior and it was simply chaos.  He said they were insanely loud and don't like being told to turn it down.   The hotel has capabilities to monitor the level of volume from the speakers... however.... knowing this... the group chose to bring in their own equipment.

The thumping coming from next door was not appreciated.  And, at this point we were simply setting up... as were they... they hadn't even gotten started yet.

Now, someone might say... this other company paid to use the hotel... and yes, you are correct, they did.  However, so did we.  We respected them... I feel we deserved the same respect.

As the two meetings got underway, it was evident the group next door were not going to make any adjustments.  They were yelling, chanting, singing, howling... all the while their music kept getting louder and louder. 

In our meeting, in order for our audience to hear, we had to speak straight into 2 mics.  It was ridiculous.

It made me think.  Do I want to be with a company where everything is complete hype??  Where they have to play loud music, yell, chant, sing, etc... to get peoples excitement levels up??  NO WAY.

I would much rather be with a company where the products and services are enough to get people excited.  Sure, we were excited and having fun over in our room... but we certainly didn't need to turn our business meeting into a concert.

Think about it... find a solid business.  One where you can ask the questions and get the answers.  Not one that covers everything up with a party atmosphere.  This is a business afterall.

For the record... the hotel has given us a full refund and has told us the other company will no longer be using their facilities for their "meetings".  It was brought to our attention that each time a hotel employee approached them to turn it down... they turned it up.  To that I say... REALLY???  Very sad.  Very unprofessional.  Very ignorant.  And these are the leaders of this company??  Wow, sure not something I'd ever want to be involved with.

When this company fails... as most do... I will still be right here, working from home successfully with a reputable company.

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