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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Your Dreams are Worthy Of Your Efforts....

The following was written by Frank VanderSloot... Simply awesome....

Life is a challenge! That's what makes it worth living.  It's how we meet life's challenges that will determine whether we fulfill the true measure of our potential or whether we drift aimlessly through life, never fully realizing why we really came to be in the first place. 

At least from my perspective, life seems pretty short.  Time seems to fly by.  The options of how we spend our time, and therefore our lives, seem endless.  Wasting time if wasting time itself, and wasting life must be the biggest potential tragedy of all.  

I feel sad, and I feel a sense of urgency when I see people who are "derailed" - people who are wandering about, unsure of where they want to go or what they want to do or even who they want to be.  They are often good people with great potential who at one time had dreams and goals.  But at some point, those people met opposition and hardship and mistook them for defeat. 

It is a very sad thing when people give up.  Giving up is life's only true disaster.  Until we give up there is always hope.  We always have a chance, and the truth is if we don't give up, there is no question that the opportunity still exists that we will make it somehow, someday, someway.  That is, unless we give up.  

We all have had dreams that have not yet come true.  Just because they have not yet come true does not mean they never will - unless, of course, we give up on them.  Worthy dreams are worth working for, no matter how many times we stumble and even slide backwards, especially when our dreams are unselfish dreams that involve our value system and our loved ones.  It is so important that we do not let them die within us.  

At our company, if we could offer anything to those who have given up on their dreams, we would offer hope.  We would encourage them to rekindle the dreams they had in their youth.  We would breathe life into goals long forgotten.  We would inspire them to keep on trying... regardless of how many time they have tried before.

Some of your dreams may not involve our company.  And although we probably cannot help you with them directly, we would cheer you on to go after those dreams also with all your heart. 

On the other hand, often we need finances to make it possible for us to spend time working on higher goals.  If this is the case with your dreams, we not only cheer you on, but we feel equipped to help.  

We appreciate the opportunity to be in business with you and to be a part of your life.  Whatever your dreams were, or are, we not only hope they come true - we stand ready to assist you in any way that we can.  Your dreams are worthy of your efforts.  Don't ever stop dreaming them, and don't ever give up on them.

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