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Monday, June 21, 2010

First day of summer!

Wow!  First day of summer 2010!  Doesn't it seem not that long ago we were bringing in the New Year??  Now here we are 6 months into the "New Year".

We're always making New Year's resolutions... making goals for ourselves.  "This year will be different".  We've all done it.  Those goals stick with us for a few weeks, maybe even a few months... but then what happens?  We move on.  We forget.  Maybe we don't forget, we think about those goals on occasion.... but we're really too busy to spend much time on them.

Reality is simply that if we seriously want to accomplish a goal, we must do something to make it happen.

It's real easy to sit back and wish our life will change... to be better... but what are we doing??

I love the quote, "Continue to do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."  In other words, if we keep doing the same things over and over and over, we will always have the same end result. 

Why are we such creates of habit?  Why is change so hard for many people?

I think part of the problem is we don't hold ourselves accountable.  We don't sit down and write out our goals and how we plan to achieve our goals.  We are afraid of failing.  What if we don't reach a goal we've set for ourselves?  Ok... so what happens if we don't??  Life will still go on, right?  Learn from it.  It's not a failure... it's a learning experience!


In 1953, researchers studying goal setting surveyed the graduating seniors from Yale University on their goals and aspirations for the future. They discovered only 3% of the graduating class had specific, written goals and objectives.20 years later, when they tracked down the same graduates, the researchers were astounded by the results. They discovered that the same 3% who engaged in goal setting activity and had clearly written goals when they graduated in 1953 were more successful, and worth more in terms of wealth than the other 97% put together. The same 3% also tend to have better health and relationships than the other 97%.

So, what does that tell us?  We owe it to ourselves to take the time to set goals.  
Think about the time we all invest in planning a family vacation.  We have to take the time to plan all the details.  Where we will go...when we will go... how we will get there... where we will stay... what activities we'll do... what we'll eat... what to pack, etc.....  But how much time do we spend planning our actual lives?  In the moment we might say... I need money... I need a new car... I need a new job...etc... But few people actually follow through to make a change in order to change their lives.

We all have the power to live a GREAT life!

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