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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wash your baby in chemicals lately?

I find it amazing as I walk through the grocery store isles.  All the different cleaners available today.  We have become a society obsessed with making sure everything is clean and disinfected.  But, have you ever taken a big, deep breath while standing in that cleaning isle?  It is overwhelming, to say the least.
We wonder why asthma has increased... and allergies... and ADD... and auto-immune disorders... yet look around.
How many people actually READ labels??  Are we so concerned about being clean that we don't care what's in the products we're bringing into our homes?
It's not only cleaners... what about laundry products and all those products we use in our bathrooms?  They are filled with chemicals.  Chemicals that have not been properly tested for long term effects on our health.
When parents are expecting a baby, they want the safest car seat, stroller, crib, etc... Then they bring home baby shampoo, body wash, body lotions, diaper creams, etc.... But do we really know what's in this stuff?  Sure, we've all seen the commercials where they are promoting their "safe" products.  The question is... how safe are they really?  Shouldn't we, as consumers, have a right to know what we are buying?
We are so naive with the assumption if it's sold on a store shelf, it's safe.
Ten years ago I started my research.  I was on a mission to rid the chemicals from my home.  There ARE safer alternatives out there!  And, they actually work MUCH better to clean and disinfect!  I don't sell products.... I educate.... http://www.MyFamilyDreamTeam.com

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