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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Working from my car... Mobile Internet Stick... oh ya!

Our kids keep us busy, right?  I have 2 boys... oldest will be 14 in August and the little one is 8.  My oldest has a serious passion for theatre.  Every since he was a little guy he always liked to act things out.  He would watch a tv show, or a movie, then he would dissappear into his bedroom.  When he reappeared, he would be dressed as one of the characters from the movie or show.  It always amazed us that he would remember many of the lines from a movie after watching it just one time.
Two years ago we took him to his first audition for a theatre role.  He'd never been on stage before, but he got the part.  Our lives changed for 9 weeks.  Because it was professional theatre, he rehearsed during the day... 6 days per week for 2 weeks then the show began.  8 shows per week for 4 weeks, then we moved with the show 2 hours away for another run of 8 shows per week for 3 weeks.  Then life got back to normal.
Since then he's done some work with local theatre, but has wanted to come back to professional theater.
Well, we are back.  He auditioned for On Golden Pond and got the role of Billy Ray.... the mouthy 13 year old.  What a fantastic show and what an amazing opportunity for this kid!
Scheduling has been insane.  My younger son is in baseball... so between practices and travelling to games and the older guy's theatre schedule... wow!
Again after 2 weeks of rehearsal, the show opened last week.  2 more weeks at this location, then again we move the family 2 hours away for another 3 week run.
As I sit in my car right now while my son is on stage, I am so thankful that I have the life I do.  I have been working from home with My Family Dream Team for 10 years.  I am so blessed to be able to work from home... or in this case... from my car and still bring in an income.
I am often asked how we can make this happen.  How can I basically put my life on hold for 8 weeks to accomodate my son.  It's simple... any parent would do this for their kid.  I am just fortunate enough to work from home!  I can work anywhere!!  Aren't mobile internet sticks fantastic!  I sit in my car and can be on the internet ANYWHERE!  Phone?  No problem... cell phone.  So, in essense... I really CAN work ANYWHERE!
Sure, it is interesting... I have pretty much moved my entire office into my car... quite the sight!  But, my son is pursuing his dream.
There just isn't anything better than that!

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