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Monday, January 17, 2011

When kids are home

I have been working from home ever since my little one was 3 months old... he is now 9.  In the beginning it was hard, having a 3 month old baby and a 5 year old by my side every day.

Now fast forward to today.  I have the little guy home sick today... he is very RARELY sick, so this is really different for me to have him home.  It's amazing how hard it is to get anything done.  Wow! I thought it was hard when he was a baby... but I am thinking it's way harder now.

I love being a stay-at-home-mom... but somedays are just plain tough. 

When I'm helping my team, sometimes I hear about how hard it is with little ones at home, and I think I had forgotten how hard it can be. 

Kids want our attention when they're home.  Trying to build a business in there as well... yikes.

Being a mom is a full-time job in itself.  I have just found a whole new respect again for us stay-at-home-moms!  Kudos to us!

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